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The Ballerina by Ladycathren The Ballerina :iconladycathren:Ladycathren 7 1
Quiet as the silent night, I will not run, I will not fight.
Quiet as death, I solemnly stand my ground, holding my breath.
Quiet as the fading rest, I await my turn, await my test.
Quiet as the distant stars, I lick my wounds, hiding my scars.
Quiet as my stifled cries, I bite my lips, I tell no lies.
Quiet as the oceans' tears, I stand firmly, I do not run from my fears.
Quiet as the darkened sky, I do not beg, I will not cry.
Quiet as the silent song, I will not fight, I will prove them wrong.
Quiet as the dying day, I will no harm, I will only to stay.
Quiet as the whispering wind, I take the blows, I will mend.
Quiet as the painful truth, I may stand alone, but this is my poof.
Quiet as my silent screams, I stay strong, for everything is not what it seems.
Quiet as my broken heart, that beats no more, but appears hidden in my art.
Quiet as my memories, filled with such joy they ache, shattering the sad reveries.
Quiet as my whispered prayers, I stand looking down, I do not meet th
:iconladycathren:Ladycathren 5 2
Slipping through the cracks, you slowly fall away.
Anger hides the pain, and callous indifference just masks what they don't see.
Panic runs through your veins, air is short and never enough.
You need them, someone, anyone you cannot be alone.
Alone is dangerous, you are a dangerous, but only to yourself.
Afraid to speak, to ask for what you need you shift back and forth across your feet.
Tired you sit down in the silence which deafens your ears making them bleed.
You bleed as you breathe, it seeps from your heart, and from the gashes on your cheek.
The lies you spin, white in origin, are just to hide everything, the sins.
Lost and alone, you tiredly trudge home, you arrive to chaos untold.
You try but cannot escape, how you love them, but oh how you hate.
You should care more, you're falling out of touch.
You should be bothered by that, but it just flits across, untouched.
You ache to touch it, that happiness that you crave.
Yet afraid of the light, afraid you might lose it, you let i
:iconladycathren:Ladycathren 4 4
No Way Out
No way out, no way in,
No escape from my sins.
No way out, no way in,
This is where it all begins.
No way out, no way in,
No time to lose, I play to win.
No way out, no way in,
I've gambled my life, shall we play again?
No way out, no way in,
Come on, give us a spin.
No way out, no way in,
This is fun, but the sound is harshly din.
No way out, no way in,
I cannot keep up with this, I'm done, I give in.
No way out, no way in,
I thought I had some chance, but it was thin.
No way out, no way in,
I lost, now pay for my sins.
:iconladycathren:Ladycathren 7 4
Let me break.
I've had more than I can take.
All those promises you made were fake.
Break me, hurt me, I can still have more.
Take me, rip my heart out, let it beat dying on the floor.
Fake a smile, you have more points in your score.
Give me a break, you hurt me and I couldn't take it anymore.
I made some mistakes, but you didn't apologize for your words.
You stayed away, not telling me anything, as I fleetingly tried to catch up with your shadow.
Any more problems are your own concern, they aren't mine to atone for.
Words mean everything to me, and this you know.
Shadows of pain are etched in my eyes, at I tried so hard but just lost it all.
For all you called us family I was not treated like any family that I wish to be.
Know that I do not wish to cause you pain, but this is your own doing.
All I lost, I grieved for but I can now move on.
Be everything that you want to, let nothing hold you back, I just won't be at your side this time.
Doing everything that I can to survive, you did
:iconladycathren:Ladycathren 1 4
The Traitor's Secret
I was once a hunter, of great power and magnitude.
I learned of a secret though, and it destroyed the life I had come to know.
I had someone that I loved dearly and had almost paid off my debt to the Government.
Then I found out the real reason that the Hunters exists.
I learned of this information by chance, and the content almost destroyed me.
My love had found another, or so it seemed to me at the time.
I was constantly watching my back, jumping at the slightest noises.
The Government had found out about the leak of information, and decided to destroy all evidence.
When I found out that I was to die I decided nothing was going to stand in my way of living.
Lady had broken my heart, so it was time I paid her back for that.
I told her that I was leaving and that she could do nothing to stop me, but she couldn't come with me.
I told her she was better off without me and I turned around and left, with my supplies of course.
I now live on the outside. The world I live in is scared and bl
:iconladycathren:Ladycathren 0 0
You spin your words into a thread.
The lies you spin into your web.
You catch the passerby's for lunch,
You lure them with your promises and punch.
With a decadent spread of disarray,
You kill them with your poison spray,
And wrap them up all nice and tight,
It's just another snack for some dark midnight.
The smile you wear across your lips,
A sweet reminder of what you did.
Another fly passes by again,
You humbly smile and invite them in.
The fly declines and flies away,
Your luck seems to be bad today.
Another fly has passed your grip,
The sky above starts to drip.
Your web, it starts to fall apart,
Tomorrow you'll get a better start.
And tomorrow you'll build a better web,
And fill it full of flies instead.
:iconladycathren:Ladycathren 1 2
I can be patient, I'm willing to wait.
I love you, I'm not going away.
I won't hurt you but I don't want to be in your way.
I want you to be happy.
I want you to be okay.
I smiled because you used to make my day.
I miss that because it all went away.
I need you but without you I can deal.
I am okay without happiness but sometimes I forget that its real.
I miss you but I am silent still.
I was replaced but I am patient still.
I was not angry, because I understood why.
I promised myself that I wouldn't cry.
I ache to call you, but your voice would break what has healed.
I wish to see you, but really I just keep my lips sealed.
I miss you and how you made me real.
I am not needed, I do not feel.
I needed you because you were the one thing that helped me deal.
I am just a girl, no one wants me to be real.
I believed you when you said those three words.
I was so stupid to believe you meant those damn words.
I keep my lips shut, not crying, not making a sound.
I long for your comfort, waitin
:iconladycathren:Ladycathren 2 1
I may hurt but I'm okay.
Look at me, I'm fine.
The pain will eventually go away.
Watch me, I won't slip.
Believe my smile, don't question my eyes.
I can't lie to you so believe me when I tell you I'll be okay.
Don't pity me, really, I'm fine.
Try to ignore it, you don't see this okay?
I know I just stumbled, but I didn't fall today.
Why worry, I'll be okay.
I'm sorry I called, I just needed to talk.
I don't want you to see me like this, and so I balk.
I try to keep it to myself, but it leaks from my heart.
I bite my lips, as the tears fall, nothings real, and this is just the start.
I promised myself that this wouldn't hurt.
Let me go, I don't want to hurt your world.
Once I thought I was your whole world.
I was mistaken I guess, because now I'm left with this void.
Tell me those three words, make me okay.
Please love, don't leave me this way.
I hold nothing against you, that's not who I am
I needed you because without you my life is a bitter sham.
I was wrong again it seems, because I
:iconladycathren:Ladycathren 2 1
Life In Our Hands
In this life we have so many problems that we cannot solve.
Our problems threaten to consume us, and depression wants us to just to end it all.
People hate us and others don't understand us, as we walk our lonely paths.
Nothing is as it seems and everything that is a lie can be the truth.
A life is worthless to one, but can be priceless to another who is dying.
To end your life is to let another down, one who cares for you and your happiness.
Getting up every day can be so hard that you feel as if you just end it, everything will be okay.
So much has happened in your life, that you feel as if you're worthless,
No one should have to share your pain, why burden them with it?
Together we are strong, but alone we have to be strong only for ourselves.
Those in the shadows try to escape the confines of their prisons only to not escape.
Others, who try to step into the light, can stay, but others are destroyed just by the act of trying.
Some, who make it, just end up right back in the shadow
:iconladycathren:Ladycathren 0 0
A Crime I Didn't Commit
I am being hunted for a crime I did not commit
I tried to prove my innocence but to no avail
They were going to kill me for a murder that I just didn't do
So I decided, that I was going to get out of there, and live
They had me in a padded room, in a straight jacket
Locked up on the North side of the town's "financial district"
They locked me up with others that were considered
"Innocent but dangerous to the rest of humanity", yeah right
The murder itself could have been considered very gruesome
I did inspect the crime scene myself of course; I mean that was my job
For I was a former murder investigator, one of the best on the squad
So really I had all the knowledge to do the crime, but I didn't of course
So I am on the run, trying to find a place to hide from the others
I've changed my appearance, my name, and my whole way of living
And it's been two years this Thursday since I've even been found out
Recently there has been a string of murders where the victim is decapitated
They have
:iconladycathren:Ladycathren 0 0
Walk, don't run from what you're hiding from.
Silence, they'll catch you if you utter a word.
If they catch you they'll make you pay.
So run little monster, come, lets play.
It's hide and seek but with a little tweak.
If they catch you you'll be dead.
Do run little trickster, don't die today.
Smile, buy no sound, you don't want them to find you now.
Don't whimper child, for they will hear you somehow.
Here, child hide here, they will not find you here.
Run child, run, they've found you at last!
Too late child, this game was your last.
:iconladycathren:Ladycathren 2 0
The Fool
Together, apart oh where do I start.
Falling awake, never a mistake, listen to my breaking, aching heart.
Never renewed, the chaos ensued, ashes fell from the bleeding sky.
Agony and shame, never a game, silence echos like a forlorn cry.
You stand in the lane, crying in pain, as your masque falls and breaks.
Staring as the pieces fall, anger builds and fills the aches.
When it comes it leaves, and the anger just fades.
A friend that you have always known, comes in to replace.
It's dark and cold, and joins right into the fold.
It seeps into your bones, your lungs, everything you thought you could hold.
Angry, you fight with him, wanting him to see, to pay attention to what others don't see.
You pick and pry, wanting his fight, so maybe he will just flee.
Shaking you fight to breathe, wanting to scream, wanting nothing but to dream.
Fighting yourself, you hide behind what you seem.
Darkness swirls, misery soars, your broken wings weep with remorse.
Uncomfortable skin, pain as deep as sin
:iconladycathren:Ladycathren 0 6
Broken Girl
Broken girl, so full of grace.
Broken girl, so tired of this place.
Broken girl, its time to stand.
Broken girl, your not just pieces in the sand.
Broken girl, you’re not alone.
Broken girl, you can come home.
Broken girl, so strong but fragile.
Broken girl, waiting for a battle.
Broken girl, you light my way.
Broken girl, i’ve come to play.
Broken girl, you’ve found him now he’s yours.
Broken girl, you can now open those doors.
Broken girl, lets play a game.
Broken girl, its all the same.
Broken girl, lets make some time.
Broken girl, lets heal ourselves this time.
Broken girl, not full of hate.
Broken girl, I’ll help you set the date.
Broken girl, and her lost boy.
Bitter Lady, and her broken soul.
Broken girl, who finds her way.
Broken girl, who tells her to stay.
Broken girl, who’s found her place.
Broken girl, who sees his face.
Broken girl who lost her face.
Broken girl, who fits into place.
Broken girl, with broken wings.
Broken girl, who loves to s
:iconladycathren:Ladycathren 4 3
This pain I feel is my constant companion, never leaving my side.
The feelings that I’ve tried so hard to lock away, seep out through the cracks in my face.
Sweet bitterness wraps me like a cloak,
The simple lies I tell burn as they are stoked.
My eyes are the one place that most do not look.
My eyes show my weakness and my pain, and show my courage and valor in vain.
And for those who do see my heart see it like looking through glass.
They run from my pain, leaving me feeling ashamed for letting them see the “real” me.
People don’t care, so I hide the weight that I bear, a weight as heavy as the sea.
My feelings aren’t spoken, nor are they felt, as I drift in the wake of the tide.
The sea of turmoil and nothing is left unsaid as the waves leave their marks upon my chest
Their lashes etch marks so deep, that my heart faintly trembles with every beat.
How I hate their bitter judgement, their scalding torments that they trow blindly at me.
Their blindness, seeing
:iconladycathren:Ladycathren 0 4
A Prisoners Life
A Prisoners life
My hands are stained with blood, blood that is not my own, but is the blood of others.
The blood is of murders that I did not commit, but they blamed them on me anyway.
Just because I tried to wake my loved ones up from their eternal sleep.
When they found me I was screaming from the shock, of finding my loved ones dead.
They had been stabbed multiple times, and the knife was found on my bed.
For them, all the evidence was there, but what motive did I have?
They took me away and locked me up for the crimes that I did not do.
I am so tired but they won’t let me sleep, until I confess of my crimes.
I will not confess to something that I didn’t do, therefore I will not sleep.
They keep me locked up but on what grounds they hold me I do not know.
I keep asking my jailer but he will not answer me, and he won’t let me out.
The food is drugged so I do not eat it; I just sit here in the corner singing my sad song.
I keep seeing people who aren’t there, and
:iconladycathren:Ladycathren 1 0

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  • Listening to: Myself caugh
  • Reading: bunches as always
  • Watching: nothing.
  • Playing: my cards right with anextraace undr the table
  • Eating: nada
  • Drinking: Rc cola man!! it rules
Start​ with your name:​

How did you wake up this morning?​
Sleepy. I wanted to go back to bed as usual.

Do you know anyone named​ Austin?​

What is the next big decision you have to make in your life?​
WTF I'ma going to wear tomorrow.

Do you live near your best friend?​
Best friend? Who the heck is that?

Miss an ex?

Hate an ex?
Nahh. That wouldn't benefit anyone.

What are you wearing right​ now?
Jeans and a tank top and one of my hoodies

Where​ were you at 11:​45 last night​?​
At home, talking to my friend i believe

What'​s the best eye color​ for the opposite sex?
I don't really have a preference, i like all eyes really

What time did you go to bed last night​?​
12:30ish maybe?

What are you doing​ tomorrow?​
Class...chillin, nm really... maybe cooking supper?...

What were you doing​ an hour ago?
Texting my friend matt.

What will you do Frida​y?​
Who the hell knows??

Are you marri​ed?​

Can you blow a bubble?​

Can you touch​ your toes?​
Not any more, but that's due to the fact that I have rheumatoid arthritis

Can you touch​ your tongue to your nose?​
Lol no...

Did you ever want to be a doctor?​
Uh no.

Did you ever want to be a teach​er?​
No waaaay. I'm no where near patient enough for that profession

Do you think​ you will be in a relationship in 5 month​s?​
Maybe? It was a while back though.

Are you listening to music​?​
No i'm trying to get my little sister to go to sleep

Plans​ for the night​?​
Take a shower, maybe some cough meds, and go to bed.

Are you drinking anything?​
Nursing an RC

Are you eating anything?​

Who was the last person you talked to face to face?​
My little sister

What day is it today​?​

Are you happy​?​
What the Hell does that mean?????

Do you miss anyone?​
Of course.

Who do you blame​ for your mood today​?​
Blame, Matt, he's the reason i'm in a good mood.

What was the first​ thing​ you did this morning?​
Stumbled out of bed, took meds and ate chocolate covered doughnuts

Today​,​ would​ you rather go back a week or go forward a week?​
Forward ho!!!

What is your middle name?​

If you could​ go back time and change something,​ would​ you?
Nothing. Changing the past changes the future, and i kinda like my future, or present or whatever the hell you wanna call it.

Do you want anyone back in your life?
Sure. I figure it wouldn't cause me to lose anything I haven't already lost before

Ever had a near death​ experience?​
Not that I recall

Something you do a lot?
Procrastinate. Read, listen to music.

How is your day so far?
Pretty damn good. Math was icky, english was fun as always, and band was that. Band. Spent some time hanging out w/ friends, making plans for the weekend after this. Talked to my good friend matt. All's well.

Do you want to go to colle​ge?​
Um I'm kind of here, ain't I? (I wouldn't trade it for anything.)

What'​s your favorite season?​

Are you right​-​handed or left-​handed?​
I'm a lefty and proud!

How many pairs​ of flip flops​ do you own?
That I actually like? Two. That i don't, about ten.

Last person you talked to?
Matt, we were texting.

If you'​re being​ extremely quiet​, what'​s it mean?​
I'm distracted, tired, mad or in a group of people I don't know very well.

How often​ do you hold back from saying what you are thinking?​
Depends on who i'm around.

How long ago did you hug someone?​

Do you know anyone who'​s addicted to any drugs​?​
Not that I know of...

Last night​,​ did you go to sleep​ smiling?​
Hell if i know.

Have you ever told someone you love them?​

Does a kiss make you feel better when you'​re angry​?​
I don't know, I've never been kissed while I'm angry.

Are you mean?​
No,i try not to be.

Do you prefer to take showers at night​ or in the morning?​
Night. Morning ones put me back to sleep.

What would​ I find if I looked under​ your bed?
O_o dude, you do NOT want to know. Hell I don't even want to know. There are spiders the size of quarters under there man!!!!!!!!!


Chelsea but call me Lady
United States
I'm 20 years old, with rheumatoid arthritis, and my poetry is my soul, my personal truth, I guess you could call it. I'm a fighter, a bright star, that no matter how she looks she's fighting for her chance to be more.

Current Residence: none of your business
deviantWEAR sizing preference: M
Favourite genre of music: Celtic, world, classical, rock.
Operating System: Mac OS X 10.6.8 I luvs my Mac <3
MP3 player of choice: My lovely iPod touch
Shell of choice: none but my own shell.....
Wallpaper of choice: To damn many
Skin of choice: only my own......isn't that enough?
Favourite cartoon character: "Major"from GITS SAC
Personal Quote: "everything happens for a reason, whether we quite know the reason or not.



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